The Weekly Wrap

March 20, 2015

Well, this week did not go as planned! 

On Monday, I awoke feeling rested, well, and ready to start the week. I was even up early, so I sipped on a cup of Dunkin Donuts bakery flavored coffee and watched a few episodes of Forensic Files. 

When I got up to get ready for work, I made sure my hair was extra pretty for the day so I could take a picture of my new highlights. I went super dark back in January, and I absolutely love(d) it; but it faded so fast-- as dark usually does with my hair. I do not want to keep darkening it thus I decided to go with highlights and start the process of going back blonde.

Around 10 AM, I started getting really nauseous. I endured some pretty rough side effects from a medicine I am on, over the weekend, but I thought that was over, so I was unsure why I was feeling so bad.

Ten minutes after I started feeling bad, I threw up (TMI? Oh well). Afterwards, I felt better so I thought it was still just a side effects since I had been feeling bad over the weekend. A few minutes later I started feeling bad again. And well... I bet you can guess what happened. Over the course of two hours, I puked 7 times. I had to call it a day early and left for home at noon.

I spent the rest of day and evening sleeping. I felt absolutely awful. I was so sad, too. As you guys have read on my posts over the past two weeks, I have been sick a lot. I have cherished feeling "normal" and like myself again; so getting sick on Monday broke my heart. 

Tuesday ended up being the same way. I did not throw up as much, but I only lasted at work until 3. I once again slept all afternoon and evening.. I also talked to my doctor and learned that yes, I am indeed still pushing through some side effects. 

Fun, fun, I tell you. 

Wednesday, I woke up feeling better -- much, much better, but I had a headache (dehydration) and felt weak (expected). I was determined to have a good day though, so I made myself up extra fun with red and brown eye shadow (I love this look) and a positive attitude (ha).
I made it through the day without throwing up!

I was uber tired after work though, and Johnathan worked 12 hours in the sunshine and 80 degree weather, so he was even more tired and drained than I was. Needless to say, we went to bed very early; J had started falling asleep on the couch at 6 PM anyway. 

He is so cute when he sleeps, hehe.

Yesterday, I was back to normal, but still intensely fatigued (I am so damn tired of feeling tired all of the time), but I pushed through work and got caught up on everything.

Checks... invoices... bank reconciliations... credits... issues... make all of the numbers stop!

I did, however, have a nice little break in the afternoon and surprised my co-workers with an "ice-cream sundae" bar". There is nothing better than having happy employees! The weather was super gloomy, everyone has been working hard, and today is the first day of Spring, thus ice-cream just felt right. I opted for a low-sugar sherbet option so I could keep it healthier and still participate. Surprisingly (not), it was not a popular choice amongust the others. Ha.

Last night, I made sure I rested and relaxed, and I even watched "Crossroads" on Netflix. Man, that Britney movie brings back so many memories! I got in bed early and slept like a rock. 

Today I feel the best I have felt all week! I feel back to me again. Plus, having my work caught up is a great feeling, especially when I had a ton going on. I am super happy it's Friday as I am ready for the weekend.

Plus, when you receive texts like this at work, how can it not be a great day?


  1. awe so happy to hear you are feeling much better & that text was so sweet!! Can't wait to watch your relationship unfold for the years to come!!

    1. Thank you so much, Jess. You are seriously one of a kind and such a wonderful friend to have in my life. Your support means so much -- I love you so much girl <3

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  2. So sweet!!! I am so glad you are so happy!!! Your hair---love! Glad you are feeling better too!!

  3. Aww what a sweet text! Sorry you had such a rough week starting out, that sounds miserable! :( But it sounds like you made the best of it! I love that you did an ice cream sundae bar for your employees, awesome! Hope you get some good rest this weekend!

  4. Glad you're feeling a bit better! It's wonderful to see you so happy!

  5. Ugh having to deal with side effects from meds is just the worst! I am glad that you are feeling better today thought! That ice cream bar sounds fabulous, and being caught up with work is a great feeling! That text is super sweet. It makes my heart smile so big to see you thriving girlie!

  6. I cannot even handle your eyelashes!! I am so jealous - beautiful!! I am loving the blonde comeback - I start my comeback next weekend :) Glad to see you're back & hope you are feeling better.

  7. I am so sorry you have felt so awful this past week. You are so freaking beautiful though! I love the color of your hair -- it looks amazing on you (same with that pink lipstick)!! That text from Johnathan is soooooo sweet!

  8. That is some intense medication!! I was put on Metformin last year (not for diabetes but for PCOS) and it was similar. I would feel nausea's all the time and sick to my stomach. Sometimes dizzy. But it got better as I took it for longer and as I started eating low carb. But I completely understand how horrible those medication side effects can be!!

    Gosh I wish I could do eye shadow like that!!!! I would mess it up I just know it!!

  9. So glad you are feeling better! and what ARE you using on your lashes? They look insane, do tell! You look so happy, too excited for you!

  10. Yikes that medication sounds terrible! Hope you feel better soon. Laughing at the sleeping pic. Also loving the eyeshadow!

  11. I am sorry you felt so sick. But, it's a good thing you figured out what was causing the illness. The Ice cream Bar looks delicious. That was so sweet of J to send you that lovely text. Hope you are doing well.

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  14. Hello Liz and other bloggers reading.

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  30. Liz, I really miss your posts and wish you would start writing again.


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